Mediterranean climate on Chios

The Mediterranean climate on Chios island enables many extraordinary phenomena of nature.
Not only that palm-trees feel home…

Insects who avoid cold temperatures can be spotted with ease too.
May I introduce you the mantis which has a high religious value for many Mediterranean folks.

Furthermore it is famous for his incomparable amount of patience.
It does not move at all till an insect or a small mouse for instance gets close.
As soon as our example-mouse is in range one can presume it dead.
In about 50 milliseconds the forelegs of the mantis catch its victim, which is less than one blink of an eye.


Also for many people it is a blessing to lay on the beach even in mid of October 🙂

Be witness of the intense power of the sun successfully fighting the Chios-typical wind yet!

              – by David B. –